• We have an assured logistics process for receipt, packing, storage, inventory management and dispatch
  • We understand the physical care requirements for technology hardware
  • Our purpose-built warehouse is exclusively for electronic equipment and uses ESD-safe practices
Loop Technologies Warehouse
Assured logistics

Our logistics expertise spans from freight and customs co-ordination through to storage and delivery optimisation. We have an assured logistics process that provides peace of mind every step of the way, and our team are always available for support and guidance. When your equipment arrives at our warehouse, we scan every item, load electronic shipping documentation, reconcile and provide reports, repack for storage (if required) and store securely. We track units by serial number, quickly locate and select parts in storage and dispatch on request, simultaneously sending notifications to provide you with complete visibility.

Specialised storage for technology hardware

By entrusting your technology hardware to a company that understands its physical care requirements, you’re protecting your investment and your reputation. Our warehouse is dedicated to electronic equipment and we always use ESD-safe practices.

Expert care

There’s more to technology hardware warehousing than moving boxes and dispatch. We understand the products we are handling and their role within your technology network or customers’ premises. Every item is treated with care that’s appropriate for its delicate componentry and importance to your operation.